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This Omnibus study, known as RandomBus, is a syndicated quarterly national survey covering adult Ghanaian consumers with the aim of capturing information and facts on markets, habits and attitudes, social behavior etc., for subscribers.

RandomBus is a cost effective survey that enables subscribers to monitor their market performance as well as those of competition. It can also help in the evaluation of the impact of social programmes and campaigns.

RandomBus has a sample size of 2,000 respondents to be drawn proportionally from all the 10 regions of Ghana.

   Fielding of RandomBus            

RandomBUs was fielded
during quarter four of 2005.
The contributors included telecommunications,
alcoholic beverages, etc

Also fielded quarter one
of 2006. Contributors are telecommunication,
beverages, postal services.

RandomBus will periodically provide its subscribers with information including:

- Brand awareness and penetration levels – Consumer Disposition Funnel.
- Strength and Weaknesses of advertising campaigns.
- Behavioral Changes
- Corporate Image and Ratings
- Opinions on political and social events/policies.
- Information on Media
- Brand In-Home Checks
- Consumer Confidence Index
- Consumer Profile

Unique Benefits
- Subscribers to Random Bus can use the survey for several purposes:
- Extrapolation of the results to the universe
- Comparison of successive results to determine trends
- Monitor market and that of competition
- Guide decision on sustenance of brand position and determine need for repositioning
- Gather information based on a large sample size
- Contact 8,000 respondents over a year
- Achieve Cost Effectiveness and ROI – field cost is shared by subscribers thus cheaper than
  ad-hoc study