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  Our quality control measures involves the following:

Quantitative studies:
- Rigorous Recruiting Process of Qualified Field Staff
- Comprehensive Training Scheme for Field Staff
- Pilot of Questionnaire (series of pre-testing)
- Group Interviewing Techniques (i.e. a team comprising 6-7 interviewers working under a supervisor
  in a selected sector or sub-sector.
- Back-Checks and Field Editing by Field Staff (25%)
- Independent Back-Checks of Field Staff by Senior Staff (25%)
- Application of Sampling Theories & Techniques
- Central Office Editing & Coding by Trained Editors & Coders (100%)
- Punching for Double Verification and Validation of Data (25%)
- Analysis using Standard Statistical Software.

Qualitative Studies
- Rigorous and Comprehensive Training Process for Field Staff
- Re-screening of respondents before focus-group, mini-group or in-depth interview
- Multiple Reviews and Pre-testing of Guidelines
- Detailed Analysis of Data using Standard Qualitative Software
- Application of Theory in Interpretation and Policy Relevance