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RANDOM HOUSE research team is comprised of international and local consultants, qualified executives with disparate backgrounds in Psychology, Statistics, Marketing, Political Science, Linguistics and Information Studies. Apart from being bilingual (English and French) they are also proficient in some of the local languages spoken in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Niger and Benin.

Our Research comprises of:
      3 International Consultants
      2 Local Consultants
      2 Senior Research Executives
      4 Research Executives
      3 Trainee Research Executives
      1 Senior Data Processing Manager
      1 Data Analyst
      1 Senior Field Manager
      1 Assist. Field Manager
      8 Supervisors
      Over 225 interviewers

Our team comprises of professionals who have worked on several international and local market research. The following are some of the clients we have worked on their projects:

  Local Clients
1. Unilever Ghana Ltd.
FMCGs such as margarine, tea, laundry soap, bouillon cubes, detergents, egetable oil, oral care products, hair/skin care products
U&A, Panel Studies, Lifestyle Study, CPT & Observations, Focus Group Discussions (FGD)
Ghana, Nigeria
2. Friesland
Milk Products
U&A, FGDs, CPTs & Tracking Studies
Ghana, Benin, Togo
3. Cadbury
Confectionery & Cocoa-based Beverages
Omnibus Survey, U&A, CPTs & FGDs
Ghana, Nigeria
4. BAT
U&A, CPT & FGDs, General Consumer Survey, Tracking Studies, Corporate Image Study
Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Niger
5. PZ Cussons
FMCGs (Laundry Soap, Detergents, Hair Care) & Pharmaceuticals
U&A, CPT, In-depth Interviews, FGDs
Ghana, Nigeria
6. GBL
Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages
U&A, Trade Study, Tracking Studies, FGDs
Ghana, Nigeria
7. ABL
Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages
CPT, Trade Census, Ad Evaluation, FGDs
International Clients
1. ORI- Macro (US)   Media/Opinion Survey, FGDs, Panel Studies
Ghana, Togo
2. Commercial Market Strategies (US)
  Behavorial Change Studies among Ports & Harbour &
Mine Workers, Mystery Shopping, Observation & Participatory Rapid Appraisal
3. Consumer Insights (Kenya)
Fragrance Test, CPTs, FGDS, Opinion Poll
CPT, Trade Census, Ad Evaluation, FGDs
4. George Stendman (Kenya)
Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Media Survey, U&A, Panel Study, FGDs
5. Markinor (SA) /
CPT, Banking Survey, Media Survey, Oil Sector
Ghana, Nigeria
6. Stanbic Bank (SA)
Ad Evaluation, Concept Test Ghana